Friday, January 14, 2011

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

On Thursday night I had a date with my old co-worker Melanie.  I was so excited to see her, and she (surprisingly, jk Mel) suggested the new restaurant Lolita Cocina in Back Bay.

I met Melanie after work and settled into a table immediately upon arrival.  No wait on a Thursday night, I was already impressed!  Within minutes of sitting, our waitress brought us some sort of grapefruit sorbet in liquid ice.  She then asked if we'd like a generous pour of tequila over our sorbet.  Anyone who knows me and Melanie knows the obvious the answer was "yes please!"

Yum, this was so good and refreshing! We almost poured the remaining liquid into our glass and drank it all up, but we quickly placed our tequila drink orders which was just as good.  After our delicious pre appetizer and some sips of our tequila cocktails, our waitress brought us a complementary bucket of house-made chips and salsa trio consisting of salsa verde, regular salsa, and salsa de creme (I totally made that last name up but it was a creamy cheesy spicy dip...and it sounds legit right?).

After 5 minutes our chips and salsa were gone arrived, we placed our order.  We decided to share a few small things since there were so many appealing options.  We went with the pulled pork tacos, carne asada plate, and the mexican corn.

About 15 minutes later the corn and carne asada were delivered to our table.  The corn was grilled and brushed with chipotle crema, chile powder, cotija cheese & black pepper.  And the carne asada was tender and marinated perfectly.  They served it with flour tortillas, guacamole, salsa roja, red onions & jalapeños.

After devouring the corn and amazing meat plate, we were too full for our tacos.  Luckily, they forgot to bring them to our table, so they gladly took them off the bill.

We relaxed for a bit and enjoyed another round of drinks while our waitress brought our dessert menu.  We were both so full, but we couldn't resist the bananarama description (fried banana caramel cheesecake burritos placed oh so delicately in a caramel sauce with crushed butterscotch topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream).  Ummm, I know RIGHT!?

This was SO good.  We pretty much ate every single bite until my jeans popped.  And then, just as the food coma started to set in, our waitress brought a heaping portion of their complimentary cotton candy topped with pop rocks.

Melanie is a huge cotton candy fan so this was the perfect ending for her.  I had a few bites but I was SO full, so I let her do most of the damage.

Lolita was so much fun.  Great food, great service, and great company.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. omg looks so good! i'm so jealous! will have to check that place out next time i'm in town! xx

  2. cotton candy, sweet as gold. Let me see that tootsie roll