Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogger Q&A

Anne from Your Kind of Salad tagged me for a Wednesday Blogger Q&A.  Here goes nothin'...

1) What's the worst job I ever had?
Wow, this one is a tie between babysitting and getting pooped on by a little rug rat and lifeguarding the early shift in college at the local JCC.  From 6am (wake up was around 4:45) to 10am, I would sit and watch the elderly folks do their water aerobics and jazzercise in the shallow end.  No diving!  Not only was I tired and cranky, but was offered many a date with "their cute Jewish grandsons...".  Shoot me, shoot me now.

2)  What was the first food blog you ever read?
I'm not 100% sure about this one.  Does food network count?  It all started when I would google random recipe's for things and stumble upon an interesting recipe on a blog.  I must say though, the first blog I actually started following was The Clean Plate Club.

3) You're cooking for the dreamy Tom Colicchio, what do you make him?
Hmm...good one.  I think I would probably have to make him my homemade Jewish chicken noodle soup with fluffy, perfectly round, matzo balls.  It is my absolute favorite thing to make and I must say, my absolute specialty.  Eat up Tommy, my Jewish grandma says so!

4) Ice Cream: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate.  Definitely Chocolate.  Although I am way more of a salty, crunchy, snacky, chip kind of girl, I always go for Chocolate.

5)  Exercise: Love it? or Do it for Health only?
Normally I love exercise.  I love to run and spin and sweat and just feel good.  Recently though, I've been in an anti-exercise rut, mostly due to work keeping me late and being too tired to wake up in the mornings. But, I'd say I love it.  (How's that for motivation?)

Instead of tagging another fellow food blogger, answer this question in the comments section....(Alicia, I copied you....)

If it was your last meal on earth, what would you eat?


  1. Comfort Meals at its finest- A big filet Mignon with Mac and Cheese. Mmmmm. Anything with cheese though would make me very happy

  2. Start with the stiffest and spiciest Bloody Mary allowed by the state of Mass.

    Eggs Benedict on Crab Cakes, or with smoked Salmon and Avocado - both from Stephi's on Tremont...with a side of French Fries.

    John J. Bowman Bourbon, neat.

    1 Pint of Ben and Jerry's "Chubby Hubby."

    What the's your last meal on earth.