Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walkin' in Memphis

On Weds & Thurs of this week, work brought me to Memphis for some focus group testing.  Naturally I took this opportunity to bring myself to the best BBQ joint in town!  We asked our hotel bartender for his best BBQ recommendation and he sent us to Central BBQ.  He told us we had to get the dry rub rack for 2 (comes with 4 sides) and a 1/2 dozen chicken wings 1/2 wet, 1/2 dry.

For our sides we chose Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad, House made BBQ Potato Chips, & Green Beans.  Needless to say the beans remained untouched.

We sat down with our paper towel napkins and dug right in!  We tried to ignore the stares of the other diners while they watched us devour our ribs and wings in record time. 

After we ate, and let the BBQ sit in our belly's like a pound of bricks conducted about 5 hours of focus groups, we headed downtown to Beale Street.

We ended up at the Rum Boogie Cafe for some beers and live blues.  It was awesome! Since it was a Thursday night, we were lucky enough to catch the house band who were truly great.

We only stayed for a few hours since we had to get up early for our flights, but it was great!  Good times were had by all.  Especially the super drunk guy who fell off his chair and flipped over his table filled with beers as he was trying to catch his fall.  

xoxo Memphis.

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  1. Fun!! I've never been to MEMphis. I'm starving right now and could go for that rack of ribs : )