Sunday, December 19, 2010


Over the past week, I dove head first into the holiday spirit with some serious pre-holiday cheer.  I celebrated a late Hanukkah with the fam, participated in a yankee swap with my team at the office, attended my company holiday party, met Santa at work, came in 2nd place for ugliest costume at an ugly sweater party, and did lots and lots and LOTS of eating.

First up, Hanukkah w/the fam...

My mom made pork tenderloin, green beans w/toasted almonds, potato latkees, and a caesar salad.

My brother clearly had no problem scarfing up every bite...

(That's the momma... isn't she cute!)

And for dessert, I made chocolate chip banana bread.  Not necessarily a Jewish tradition, but my brother's favorite, and delicious!

A few days after celebrating Hanukkah, I ran into Santa at work.  Not knowing that I'm bias towards Hanukkah Harry, Santa made me take a photo with him.  Too bad he didn't let me sit on his lap and tell him all of my hopes and dreams...

That night, we had our team yankee swap followed by the company holiday party the next day.  After resting up on Friday night, my roommate and I went to an ugly sweater party on Saturday night and came in 2nd place for ugliest sweaters! Once we found out prizes were at stake we really had to step it up...and boy did we ever....

Lovely, isnt it?

Anyway, I usually dread Sunday evenings because it means Monday is looming, but for the first time in a long time, I'm actually looking forward to Monday.  I have a short three day week and then I'm off until Jan 3rd!  My boyfriend comes home on Friday and I can't wait to just enjoy some time off with him and my friends and family.  

So, with that - I'm off to do some work before I head into the office tomorrow but I hope everyone had great weekend and is looking forward to a nice long Christmas weekend!

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